Linn Majik DS-Iで面白いレポートが…

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Linn Majik DS-Iで面白いレポートがありました。Computer Audiophileというウェブサイトですが、Majik DS-Iをレビューしており、非常に高い評価をしています。


「Playback was from the C.A.P.S. server with an ASUS Xonar HDAV 1.3 Slim audio card outputting coaxial S/PDIF directly to the Majik DS-I. This configuration bypassed all UPnP hardware and software. After extensive listening tests I concluded the sound quality using this configuration exceeded that of the four Ethernet UPnP based configurations. The increase in quality was evident in the mid to lower frequencies. Instruments were tighter and had better separation. The Ethernet input sounded wonderful on its own until I tested the sound quality via S/PDIF. The sound in the mid and lower frequencies via Ethernet was a bit mushy when compared directly to the DS-I’s coaxial S/PDIF input. In no way am I stating the sound quality via Ethernet was bad, it just wasn’t as good as the DS-I’s S/PDIF input. Accounting for the sonic differences can be quite difficult if not impossible. Listeners including myself often favor the sound they are used to hearing. I use S/PDIF digital inputs and the C.A.P.S. server nearly every day of the week. Since the DS-I is the first high quality Ethernet / UPnP component I’ve heard in my listening room I can’t rule out favoritism of the familiar. 」

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